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Our world is full of diversities.

There are certain natural disparities like Fingerlings Toy different colours, unusual flowers, immense rivers, diversified animals and certain man-made disparities like different races, varied castes, intense religions, etc.

Inspite of such enormous natural dissimilarities, our nature has unique eternal similarities. Like all the colours are different combinations of the same eternal light, all flowers have the same apparatus and one common goal of beatifying this world, the http://www.fingerlingtoy.com/ various rivers flowing through the length and breadth of this globe carries indistinguishable waters in them and every animal feels the same stimuli and has the same inherent needs.

When despite these varied differences nature has such gross similarities, then why us humans who are supposed to be the most intelligent and intellectual living beings on this earth subsist with such fake limitations? How can these man made disparities Fingerlings Toy Sale mange to do stoutly scatter us and abolish our natural feeling of love?


The sole purpose of Universalism is to persuade people http://www.thejerseysale.com/ to enhance their wisdom and follow their duties which would eventually bring them back to their natural instinct of loving all beings unconditionally.

The logo of universalism illustrates dx

In the logo of Universalism, the Sun stands for the wisdom, the hands stands for the duties and spherical bonding of ten different hands signifies the unity of all human kind despite of their difference in directions, races, colour, religion, geographic cheap football shirts locations and genders.

One with his continuous efforts to attain wisdom (denoted by Sun) with discharging his duties (denoted by hands) and with unconditional love for all human beings (represented by bonding) would considered as MITRA i.e. the follower of Universalism.

above text contributed by Mohit Khandelwal