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June 6, 2015 at 5:46 am

Over centuries, human race got divided by regional boundaries, different religions, caste and communities, various languages, gender inequalities etc. which has created more hatred than anything else. Base of all religions is love and compassion but in race of proving that we are best, fanaticism pervaded. The mission of Universalism is to spread love in the heart of each and every human being so that there is no space for hatred. When the love will prevail on self interest, our planet would be full of peace and happiness.

Is it another religion?
No it’s not another religion. It is quintessence of each and every religion. Foundation of every religion is love but over centuries, in the race of proving to be the best religion, all religions has developed ego. In order to prove supremacy, they have started criticizing others. If one wants to adopt universalism, one needs not to abandon his present religion. One needs to use the prime principle of LOVE in following his own religion. Universalism is complimentary to each and every religion. It will melt like sugar in a glass of milk.