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June 6, 2015 at 5:47 am

Universalism is to eliminate pain and fill our lives with happiness. Founding words of Universalism are Wisdom, Love and Duty. In this world, there is no one who is not suffering from either pain or who is not continuously trying to work for happiness in life. These pains and pleasures could be physical, emotional, mental, financial or spiritual and they could be personal, professional or social. There are mainly 3 reasons for our sufferings or not getting happiness.

First basic reason for suffering is lack of wisdom. Ample information and knowledge is available at touch of finger but what we lack is wisdom i.e. an ability to take right decisions at the right time, in right circumstances and with the right people. It is easy to choose between right and wrong. But it is very difficult to choose between right and more right or wrong and more wrong. Our greed, selfishness, jealousy and fears do not allow us to think rationally and act wisely.

Second basic cause of our suffering is not doing our duty. In life we get many roles such as son, daughter, parent, spouse, employee, employer, colleague, neighbor, citizen, friend etc. However, most of the times we fail to understand our duty as per our role. We decide our duty considering our own benefits/convenience rather than as per our role. Over-doing any duty can be as harmful as not doing our duty. Sometimes we decide our duty based on the response received from the other party. Nevertheless, doing your duty irrespective of the situation is the key to happiness.

Third but most important basic reason for our suffering is lack of love. Due to greed, jealousy, selfishness and fear, we have forgotten love. We love only those people whom we think can fulfill our expectations or we have hope that our expectations will be fulfilled in nearby future. Giving unconditional love is nowhere seen. It might not be possible to love all but at least we can take a vow that we will not hate anyone. The person whom we hate occupies more rent free space in our mind and thoughts as compared to person we love.

Among wisdom, duty and love, wisdom is of utmost importance because quality of our duty and love can’t be better than quality of our knowledge and wisdom. If you agree then let us take oath:

I pledge to my supreme almighty that:

1. I will enhance my wisdom continuously.

2. I will perform my duty in every situation.

3. I will love all living beings unconditionally.

4. I will always promote these principles.