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CWW – Create Wonderful World
June 8, 2015
File 02-05-15 6 43 02 pm

Every person has his/her own world. The person might not be able to control anyone else but one has full control on his/her body, mind, heart and soul. By wisdom, power, money and fame, one can expand his/her circle of influence and can have indirect control or influence on many people around. To create wonderful world around us, we need to adopt 3 principles.

1. Love All:
Every religion/ philosophy teaches us about not harming anybody. Buddhism talks about compassion, Jainism-Ahimsa, Islam-Brotherhood, Christianity-Service and Hinduism-Worship. The quintessence of each religion is to love every living being. Every creature of the earth has equal right to live on planet and human being has more responsibility to love and protect them because he has been bestowed with intellect and wisdom.
2. Enhance Wisdom:
As per Hindu philosophy, ultimate aim of all living beings is to achieve MOKSHA. Only humans are capable of achieving it as the door of moksha can be opened through intellect. To create a wonderful world around us we should keep enhancing our wisdom by reading books and listening to enlightened souls. Wisdom helps to keep our thoughts streamlined, our words in control and to perform actions that are beneficial to all.
3. Do your Duty:
In life, we play many roles such as a child, parent, sibling, spouse, member of a community, society, religious group, boss, colleague, subordinate, citizen of nation and member of the planet. Every role demands certain responsibilities and duties. Our dharma is to discharge those duties as diligently as possible. Sometimes it so happens that in a relationship, other person is not fulfilling his/her duty and due to that we may decide not to fulfill our duty as well. This may satisfy our ego for time being but won’t enrich our mind.

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