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Enhance Your Wisdom
June 9, 2015
Enhance Your Wisdom

Ignorance is bliss. What you do not know cannot hurt you. Not knowing something is often more comfortable than knowing it. All these quotes suggest that less you know, happier you are. However all great philosophers, scientists and successful people had knowledge and wisdom as a great asset. Whether you talk about Buddha, Mahavir, Christ or Mohammad, all had great wisdom. Kabir and Rahim are still remembered for their wisdom.

Knowledge is power and wisdom is respected. To live a successful life one need to take right decisions at every step of journey and wise decisions are outcome of thorough knowledge and deep wisdom. Formal education helps in enhancing knowledge but lifelong learning is needed for continuous enhancement of wisdom. It is not necessary that a wise person always earn more money but certainly he leads a happy and satisfactory life.

5 tips to continuously enhance your wisdom:

1. If you have 8 hours to chop a tree, spend first 6 hours in sharpening the axe. Same way if have to speak for 2 minutes, spend minimum 6 minutes in contemplating what would be the right words. Meditation & deep thinking are the best tools to enhance wisdom.

2. Education is not limited to school/college. Rather education is a continuous process. We must have thirst for learning till last breath of life. We should do reading and writing on continuous basis as they help in gaining clarity of thoughts.

3. Keep the company of enlightened people. Listen them, question them and understand them.

4. Nature is the best teacher. Every plant, every animal, every human being and every non-living thing can teach us if we are ready to be a student.

5. Every religion, every philosophy has something good to offer. Keep your all senses alert for learning.