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Do Your Duty
June 9, 2015
Do Your Duty 41

The most difficult question in my life was and still is, who am I and what is my dharma (duty)? By dharma I do not mean here religion but duty. In life we have many roles and many relationships. So far my conclusion is honestly discharging the duty of each and every role and each and every relationship shall be our duty.

In life we play many roles; a child, a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a member of a community, society, religious group, a boss, a colleague, a subordinate, a citizen of nation and a member of the planet. Every role demands certain responsibilities and duties. Our dharma is to discharge those duties as diligently as possible. Some times it so happens that in a relationship, other person is not fulfilling his/her duty and due to that we may decide not to fulfill our duty as well. This may satisfy our ego for time being but won’t enrich our mind.

5 Tips to do your duty :
1. Make a list of your roles and related duties.
2. Do not worry about reward while doing your duty.
3. Do not expect from other person that he/she will do his/her duty.
4.Wisdom is needed to perform conflicting duties.
5.If it is impossible to fulfill your duty, be transparent with the other person.